Tosin's New Prototype!!

Yesterday, Tosin Abasi, via social media channels, has given the world a sneaky peak at a new prototype signature model from Ibanez.

The, as of yet unnamed guitar (below), boasts fanned frets along the neck, Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups in both bridge and neck positions and a single volume knob.

Tosin Proto

Tosin himself has commented on the instrument saying:
OMG this thing shreds! Man… The string spacing on this thing allows for the impossible and I’ve finally achieved that six-string ‘snap’ on an 8-string guitar.”
“One of the advantages of having a narrower string spacing on an 8 is that it allows you to easy palm mute/control all strings! I’m working on more improvised ‘selective’ picking to a vibey Reso track called ‘Simple Pleasures.’”

More images of the 8-string oddity and even some clips of the man himself playing his new axe on Animals As Leaders facebook page or Tosin’s own instagram page