New Visual Sound Route 66... Version 3!

Visual Sound has completely re-invented the Route 66 pedal with the new V3 Series version. All new circuitry takes the best tones of previous versions and makes them even better, with far more versatility. We recently managed to get our hands on one of the units for a live test, here is what we found.
What you are essentially presented with is two pedals housed in the same chassis, on the right, a compressor and on the left, an overdrive based on the Reverend/GarageTone Drivetrain pedal.

VS-V3RT66 #1

• Anyone familiar with earlier versions of this pedal will recognise the main controls as these remain mostly unchanged (Overdrive: Drive, Treble, Vol).
• A Voice switch toggles between bright, open tone with “A” and a more saturated mid-scooped sound on “B”.
• The V2’s Bass Boost switch has been swapped out in favour of a variable pot allowing for more flexibility than the previous “on/off” feature.

• The Compressors old Gain pot is now another volume control, which enables the user to cut or boost the volume of the signal, with no tonal changes to the overall sound.
• A subtle noise gate circuit has been introduced. This, especially present when using single coil pickups or venues running “dirty-power”, cancels out any low levels of unwanted background noise on your signal without affecting and cutting off any sustained note. Giving a more natural fade out.

Both sides can be run independently or together and utilise Visual Sound’s Pure Tone Buffer, which can be turned on or off via internal switches. As well, each offers an individual “Clean Mix” knob which, very responsively, blends your wet and dry signal allows varying degrees of compression and drive and the ability to be used as a warm clean boost.

The new V3-Route66 has a suggested retail of £159. For more information please contact you Area Sales Manager.