Laney RB Bass Range Updates

Laney’s Main Range of bass amplification, the Richter Bass series has been given a well-deserved facelift, sporting some new features across the range that should whet the appetite of both beginners practising at home and seasoned players alike.


The RB1, RB2 and RB3 have been innovated and reshaped to feature the dual position kickback style housing and 1/8” inch mini-jack headphone output socket, with the RB2 and RB3 receiving the added bonus of a new D.I. output (XLR), allowing a balanced feed to be sent out from these smaller combos. A switchable HF horn has also been added to the RB2, RB3 and RB4.

The RB6 and RB7 have not been forgotten either, and now include a 7 band graphic mid EQ for accurate low end sculpting. And if that was not enough, the entire Richter Bass series had been given a 1/8” inch mini-jack auxiliary input, allowing players the option to play to a metronome or jam along with an MP3 player through their amp.

You can find further details on the range here: Laney Richter Bass Range