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Dedicated HH branded stand systems

Install PA

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HH multi-purpose enclosures designed for use as discrete installations, compact FOH set-ups floor mounted or flown, or as low profile stage monitors.

Passive Full Range Enclosures

tessen passive

We design and tune our cabinets, transducers and crossovers together as a system, rather than using off the shelf designs.

Active Full Range Enclosures

active catagory

Professional transducers coupled to our dynamic and efficient Biamp modules deliver impressive levels of clean clear sound without the harshness and brittle character often associated with active cabs.


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HH cables follow the simple rules of good tone.


Percussion Schlagwerk

Schlagwerk Percussion

Active Subwoofers

tns1800 category

The Tessen Sub range is designed to give whatever character of bass is needed. From the tactile punch of EDM to the natural warmth and depth of acoustic instruments, the dynamic, high sensitivity long throw woofers, powerful amplifiers and bespoke DSP deliver.

Active Monitors

HH tsm monitor category

Any live performer appreciates the importance of good monitors. TESSEN-SM series active monitors are engineered to give the detail and clarity your performance needs without taking up all the space on stage. Focused power where you need it.

Portable Systems

S2210 TYPE

The ideal solution for entertainers or speakers who want to ensure that their message gets across. Lightweight and portable, laden with features but still simple to set up and use SYSTEM gives you all you need in one convenient package. From small café gigs to kids parties, public speaking to band rehearsals it’s all you need.