HH Electronics Passive Full Range Enclosures

We design and tune our cabinets, transducers and crossovers together as a system, rather than using off the shelf designs. This ‘total system design’ approach creates a result that outperforms even high expectations.


FRAP - 340 x 191 logo.jpg

The Tessen series are professional specification cabinets designed to give exceptional dynamics, clarity and projection in all applications from clubs to large venues.


PFRE - 340 x 191 LOGO.jpg

The Tensor series is a stylish, easily portable and extremely versatile range of moulded cabinet PA speakers suitable for all applications from public speaking, through vocal and acoustic performances to DJ


VECTOR- 340 x 191 LOGO.jpg

The Vector series is the ideal small to medium venue PA system, with an extensive range to suit any venue or sound reinforcement requirement.