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Stands- 340 x 191.jpg

Dedicated HH branded stand systems

Multi Instrument Amplifiers

Multi Instrument- 340 x 191.jpg

As the name implies this type of amplifier is designed and voiced to be used with a wide variety of instruments, with varied input characteristics, such as keyboards, e-drums, acoustic and electric instruments, mics etc. Multi Instrument amplifiers commonly have a number of different input options including XLR, Jack, phono and Mini jack to cater for the variety of instruments to be connected.

Powered Mixers

Powered Mixers - 340 x 191.jpg

Simplicity without compromise. Our design mantra. This philosophy can clearly be seen in our powered mixers. Intuitive and simple to use, incredibly flexible but also compact, individual and powerful.

Install PA

Install PA 340 x 191.jpg

HH multi-purpose enclosures designed for use as discrete installations, compact FOH set-ups floor mounted or flown, or as low profile stage monitors.

Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers - 340 x 191.jpg

The heart of your PA system, HH power amplifiers deliver crisp, clean sound reliably and consistently. Available in a range of power ratings to perfectly complement our passive PA enclosures.

Passive Full Range Enclosures

PFRE - 340 x 191.jpg

We design and tune our cabinets, transducers and crossovers together as a system, rather than using off the shelf designs. This ‘total system design’ approach creates a result that outperforms even high expectations.

Active Full Range Enclosures

FRAP - 340 x 191.jpg

Professional transducers coupled to our dynamic and efficient Biamp modules deliver impressive levels of clean clear sound without the harshness and brittle character often associated with active cabs.

Passive Subwoofers

PASSIVE SUB- 340 x 191.jpg

Deep, natural bass designed to enhance vocals or acoustic instruments as much as pounding dance music, HH subwoofers will enhance any PA rig improving the overall response, character and headroom. From the compact footprint, low profile VRS-115 and TNS-215 to the dual format TNS-118 they are designed to fit in anywhere, however limited the space may be.

Active Subwoofers

Active SUB- 340 x 191.jpg

HH subs are designed to naturally and musically extend the frequency range of any PA system. Our active subs feature comprehensive connectivity and controls so they can be perfectly integrated into any active or passive system.

2:1 system

System 3 340 x 191.jpg

The newly developed HH System 3 is a 2:1 system providing the perfect solution for a variety of musical applications.


Cable 340 - 191.jpg

HH cables follow the simple rules of good tone.


Covers ident.jpg

HH branded slip covers & Padded covers

Active Monitors

ACTIVE MONITORS - 340 x 191.jpg

The Vector series monitors are designed with the same no compromise approach as all HH PA.

These are not FOH cabs in a different box. They are not ‘multi-purpose’ cabs. They are optimised for mid range clarity and intelligibility, punchy bass and a focused sound field.


Percussion Schlagwerk

Schlagwerk Percussion